Brisk.io — an application that connects to your customer relationship management (CRM)

Every company dreams about an app working together with CRM and making it more focused and faster to use. Brisk.io helps to activate apps or even build new ones that give an overview of sales data and help to do the right thing as regards: who the company should sell to, opportunities that arise, data that is missing, deals stuck in the process, things delayed or overdue, etc. These can be very simple or quite tailored.

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Our work — The clarity of information

The client informed us about plans for a mobile and desktop version, but when the animation was created Brisk.io was an in-browser app only. What they needed was the main intro video on the webpage. They decided that an explainer video should be there to get people interested and to help them understand what the product does, to make them want to try it or contact Brisk.io directly.

 Our work

Final product — Language of sales people

The client’s target group was precise: a large group of companies with 50‒500 employees using salesforce.com as their CRM. We decided to speak the language of sales directors and sales operations managers ‒ people who like efficiency and elegance, and admire good design. The results were astonishing. We are very proud of the accuracy of the app’s interface and the clarity of information.

 Final product


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